Hi! I’m Charlie

I’m obsessed with memoir. I read memoir, dissect memoir, and then take what I learn to write my own stories.

I’m a Virgo, middle of five kids, and former D1 field hockey player. My husband Sam is the only person I would ever want to sign a prenup with, and our two toddlers are the coolest people I know.

My recurring fantasy is a guest appearance on Jimmy Fallon. The reasons why have changed over the years. First it was for an Oscar nomination for best supporting actress, then it was an Oscar nomination for best original screenplay, then it was for lip sync sensation, and now it’s for writing a best-selling memoir.

Transparent Tuesdays

Every Tuesday I write a short and spicy newsletter. It’s been described as funny, gossipy, and endearing.

I hope it makes you laugh, or fires you up, or pisses you off. As long as it makes you feel something. Hit reply and say hi anytime!

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I write so I don't sound like an idiot when I speak.